Mabes London

Based in London, Mabes was founded in the summer of 2015 with a focus on reviving retro terry towel beach shirts last seen prominently in the sixties

Refining old school style with modern tailoring and luxury cotton terry, Mabes have created a vibrant and playful collection for both adults and kids. Be it poolside or on the beach, at home or abroad, the shirts combine comfort with style, not just designed to serve a purpose, but to evoke good times always

Mabes was launched by close friends Becky Levett and Giles Maber, self-confessed sun, sea and sand worshippers…

“The philosophy behind our first collection is accountable for our diverse and eclectic mix of limited edition prints and classic colours…

…we believe there’s a shirt for everyone, each design embodies its own distinct style, it’s own personality, be it the effortlessly cool navy classic, as timeless as the British icons who inspired it, James Bond and the Beatles, to the non-conformist and playful Flamboyance or The Graduate blue and white stripe”

“Seeking to fuse fashion and functionwe set out with a concept, inspired by the past and reinvented it for the modern day man, woman and child to deliver a stylish and versatile product designed not to be gender nor age specific”